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Investment Management

When you engage with IFM Ltd as a client we want you to understand and agree with what we feel creates Investment Success. Our philosophy is to provide you with the very best investment options to meet your needs.

We feel that fund management can have several key drivers, whether that is risk, asset allocation, cost or performance. Many Multi-Asset portfolios research each of these areas in detail but individual fund managers will have a key focus for their portfolio.

IFM Ltd Principles for Investment Success

  1. Create clear, appropriate investment goals
    Working with IFM Ltd you should set measurable and attainable investment goals and develop plans for reaching those goals.
    If you have multiple goals (e.g., retirement planning and saving for a child’s education) then you should have a separate plan for each.
    Finally these plans should be re-evaluated on a regular basis.
  2. Minimise Cost
    Investors cannot control the markets, but they can control how much they are willing to pay for their investment management. Every pound that an investor pays a fund manager is a pound less of potential return.
  3. Develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds
    A successful investment strategy starts with an asset allocation suitable for its objective. Investors should establish an asset allocation using reasonable expectations for risk and returns. The use of diversified investments helps to limit exposure to unnecessary risks.
  4. Maintain perspective and long-term discipline
    Investing evokes emotion that can disrupt the plans of even the most sophisticated investors. Some might make rash decisions based on market volatility, but investors can counter that emotion with discipline and long-term perspective, which we at IFM as your adviser can help you with.
    So in general you understand our aims for your investment. Now let’s see how we do all this in practice….

The first thing we need to do is to get to know you and your circumstances, your needs and aspirations. We do this through a thorough fact-finding process. We also need to assess your attitudes to investment risk for any particular investment which we do by using the Distribution Technology 10 question process. This will then deliver to us a target asset allocation that you should have for the chosen investment. Finally we need to assess your Tolerance for Loss so we can be sure that the funds selected will not deliver a nasty surprise that you cannot afford.

We feel that investors need to be patient and not overreact to market changes. This does not mean that you should take the ‘set it and forget it’ approach because over a 20 year time period your goals and objectives will certainly change, so you will need to make modifications to your portfolio. But you should be making moves based on changes to your risk tolerance or your progress toward your goals, not the gyrations of the markets.

At IFM Ltd we believe that we can use the Asset Allocated, Risk Rated Funds available from several fund management groups to deliver an appropriate ‘core’ holding to suit a client’s situation.

We also feel that, in certain circumstances, a client can benefit from holding certain ‘satellite’ funds as well.

Finally we may feel that outsourced Discretionary Fund Management is an appropriate solution for some, or all a client’s investment and we have a select panel of DFM groups that we are happy to recommend to our clients if required.

You may end up with just Core, or Core and Satellite, or all three. That is down to our judgement and guidance and is one of the reasons why you are employing us. You need a trusted adviser to help keep you on track. That is a key part of our role.

The Asset Allocated, Risk Rated funds we use map directly across to the Distribution Technology questionnaire output.


We need to consider many things to get to a position where we can pick an appropriate investment for an individual client.

  • Risk Profile   
  • Tolerance to Loss     
  • Asset Allocation        
  • Cost   
  • Client Circumstances           
  • Timeframes            
  • Client Experience

We look forward to advising you.

"Thank you for sorting out the mess we were in with our pensions. I don’t know what we would do without you."
Neil Benfield. Carpenter. Huddersfield.
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