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Financial Advice Process

As our lives and choices become ever more complex, the whole question of financial security grows more urgent - and more stressful too. But there is a simple, affordable solution.

Independent Financial Management is both our name and our purpose.

We are an entirely Independent company, selecting the best products from the whole market. We have the Financial knowledge and insight to give you excellent, expert advice. Our exceptional Management capability takes the worry and complexity out of financial planning.

At an initial discovery meeting a prospective client can express what they are trying to achieve. There is no fee at this stage.

The purpose of this meeting is to understand in more detail your overall lifestyle objectives and to establish a meeting of minds. This is crucially important as we seek to develop a strong two way relationship with our clients.

A Four Stage Process for Advice

Audit > Advice > Implement > Review

Stage 1 - Audit

When we first begin our relationship with you we will conduct a financial Audit which will include the following:-

  • Reviewing your current financial circumstances
  • Assessment of your assets and liabilities
  • Establishment of your financial priorities
  • Assessing your attitude to investment risk
  • Assessing affordability
  • Providing a summary of your current financial position

Stage 2 – Advice

Once you have prioritised and agreed actions emerging from your fact-finding meeting, your financial planner will confirm in writing the specific recommendations relevant to your situation.

The recommendations will confirm the actions required to meet your financial needs as well as outlining why a specific solution has been chosen, taking account of current legislation and tax rules.

A further meeting will be arranged to discuss the recommendations outlined in the report in order to ensure that you understand the full implications of our recommendations and proposals.

Stage 3 – Implementation

Your financial Planner will:

  • Liaise with your other professional advisers where appropriate
  • Complete and process all necessary paperwork
  • Ensure that all agreed recommendations are implemented
  • Deal with any Trust documentation required
  • We will maintain records of all the transactions that you implement

Stage 4 - Review

IFM provides the ultimate in advice, integrity, and tailored personal service. You can speak to your own adviser every time. We will design a review programme that is appropriate for you which can include some or all of the following:

  • Your own Financial Planner
  • Phone and e-mail access to your Adviser
  • Face to face access to your adviser between review meetings
  • A Priority Response service
  • An Annual Review meeting including a 12-point financial health check
  • Half Yearly Valuations
  • Provision of Strategic Updates with your Accountant and Solicitor
  • A Sounding Board for key decisions
  • Inheritance Tax Planning Service
  • A full Retirement Planning Service including a SIPP service.

Of course, you have a part to play in ensuring your financial strategy remains on target. We ask that you let us know about any changes to your financial or personal circumstances, and the extent to which these changes affect you. This will enable your adviser to make recommendations and adjustments to your plans to help you take advantage of any opportunities these changes open up for you.

Peace of Mind

IFM’s Private Client Service gives you ongoing independent and confidential advice to help you make the right choices.

We give clarity of purpose, and provide you with peace of mind so that you can spend less time worrying about your finances and more time enjoying the rewarding lifestyle that your financial strategy is designed to deliver.

Fee Based Advice

From the onset of our relationship we want you to understand what we will do for you, and what you should expect from us. We want you to value the service we deliver.

In order to pay for all the services that we provide, our clients pay by fees. These are usually collected via product charges. These fees pay for initial work undertaken and then also for the ongoing services that we provide.

Our initial fees are calculated on the time and resource taken to produce an initial report and our ongoing review fees are calculated based on the number of services we need to provide to you from the list on the previous page.

Your adviser will confirm the fees that will be charged before any work is undertaken.

The annual fee is calculated with reference to the number of services the client feels they need, and is taken as a fund based fee, normally at 0.75% of the fund value per year but may be up to 1% depending on circumstances.

"As a professional firm we only recommend our clients to people we trust. IFM provide an outstanding service every time. That’s why we confidently continue to refer our clients to you"
Mark Fox, Haigh & Co Certified Accountants
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